An interior brick wall decor in Perth can look very stylish and decorative. But, it is very important to go for the right type of brick wall for your house. In this article, we will discuss everything about how to construct the right kind of brick wall. We will also discuss the perfect bricklayers for getting the wall decor done in Perth. 

How to use the brick wall

If you are planning to have a brick wall in your home, it is important to decide how you will decorate that. You can follow a list of ideas for decorating the brick wall. 

  • Style it with wooden racks 

If you are getting a wooden rack, it will look different as compared to other walls. So, because of these reasons, you can give that wall a center of attraction by creating wooden racks in front of the wall. You can choose a trendy and modern look for your racks and just get it done. 

  • White colors 

If you want a good color for your bedroom, white will be a very elite one. You can add one coat of paint on brick walls also and it will look really good. Along with that, in the future, if you want to change the brick wall color, it can be done very easily. However, if you are living in Perth, you can easily get all these things done by bricklaying services perth. 

  • Using mirrors or pictures 

You can use a huge mirror above the brick walls. This huge mirror will give a very aesthetic look and it will look really good. If you don't want to use mirrors, going for big pictures is also a good idea. You can choose a picture as per your wish or you can choose a picture according to your decided theme also.

  • Going for furnishing items 

In the market,  various types of Furnishing items are available that will make your home really beautiful.  you can use those furnishing items as the brick wall decor.  it will look really good and along with that, it will give you a very light presentation. 

  • Go for craftsmanship and greenery 

If you are an exhibition lover, you can go for some craft items also. So, if any kind of artwork fascinates you, just go for that by using them on your brick wall. However, if you want to show a greenery theme on your brick wall, that can also be done. Just go for potted plants. The type of plant that you are choosing will also show a lot of things about you. 

Steps for creating a brick wall 

brick walls perth

Creating a brick wall in your home is not an easy task at all. So, here we will discuss all the steps for creating brick walls-

  • Check for the required materials 

Before starting the work, it is very important to check what materials are needed to build a brick boundary wall. Along with deciding the materials, you have to decide the required quantity of materials also. The estimation will vary according to the size of the wall. After doing all this, you have to decide the estimated price also. 

  • Mortar 

The second step in creating a brick wall will be to create a mortar. You have to mix one part of cement with five parts of sand. You have to mix them properly with water to create a creamy texture. 

After creating the mortar, you have to create a fountain by digging a trench. 

  • Make straight line 

The next step involved in creating a brick wall is to create a straight line where you will place the bricks. You can use a string for creating a straight line. However, if you are confused about whether you are getting a straight wall on the above part of the brick or not, you can use the string trick there also. 

  • Laying bricks 

In the next step, you have to first create a layer of mortar at the button part where you have placed the string. After this, you can place the brick and again after that, you have to use mortar. You have to use this process to place one brick above the other. However, doing all these things by yourself is not easy at all. So, it will be recommended to go for a professional if you want the work to be done perfectly without any kind of issue. If you are living in Perth, finding a good professional is very easy. Various bricklaying companies in Perth are present that will provide you with good quality work. After going for those professionals, you don't have to think about anything else. 

  • Top the wall 

You can use mortar to top the walls also. By doing so, your work of creating a brick wall is completed. 

Maintaining the interior wall 

After creating the interior wall, the next step will be to maintain the decorative brickwork wall. You have to maintain the wall in the same way you are maintaining the other parts of your house. If you are protecting the walls, then you don’t have to go for repairing work in less time. So, here we will discuss all the steps that you can follow while keeping your wall in a good condition.

  • Follow cleaning 

The first and most important part is to maintain cleaning. If you are not maintaining cleaning, then the dust will accumulate over time and after some time the wall will give a very bad look. To avoid this situation, you should follow the cleaning routine regularly. 

You can use brushes to remove the grime present on the wall. You can even use a harsher cleaner if required. 

  • Paint options

You can go for whitewashing as along with a good look, it will protect the wall from various external factors. For whitewash, just mix three parts of the paint with one part of the water.

Going for stained colors is also a good option. You can paint your walls with the texture of bricks also. Along with that, you can go for a gray-colored wall also. 

  • Moisture places 

If you are going for brick construction services in high moisture places like washrooms, protecting them from moisture damage is very important. You should seal the bricks properly. However, if you are finding any kind of moisture issue, you should get it corrected immediately. 

DIY options for the brick wall 

While decorating the brick walls, going for simple DIY ideas will also make the wall very beautiful. You can create some paintings or you can even add some decorative items. 

Going for Perth bricklaying services 

In Perth, you will get various types of bricklaying services. You can easily check on the internet for “best bricklaying services or bricklaying Perth professionals near me”, and you will find a list of options for you. You can check the customer's rating for selecting the best service provider. 

In this article, we discussed everything about how to decorate a brick wall. We also discussed the decorating brickwork services that you can use. So, if you want to get your brick wall done, just have a look at all the required information and choose the best options for you.